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What Is Leavers

What Is Leavers 

So you've heard of Leavers Week but you're not really sure what it actually is? Read on to find out everything you need to know. 🤝

Leavers Week is a celebration for Western Australian grade 12 leavers, thousands of graduates gather in Dunsborough (and some go to Bali). Dunsborough is the #1 spot for Leavers, with this destination offering events run especially for Leavers. Not only is it a time to celebrate at epic parties, but also to make core memories, meet new people, enjoy stress-free freedom and spend quality time with your besties before you all head off to the real world.


Where Is Leavers

As mentioned, the #1 place that Leavers gather at the end of grade 12 is Dunsborough. Leavers.com.au offer a wide range of accommodation for Leavers to stay in the Dunsbourough / Busselton and Yallingup areas. There is also an official wristband that Leavers can apply for that gives access to the specially organised Leavers events known as 'The Entertainment Zone". If heading overseas is more your style, Bali is also a popular choice for WA grade 12's. Leavers.com.au have amazing value Bali holiday packages for Leavers that come with awesome upgrades (slay). 🎉🙌

What is Leavers
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Leavers FAQ's


Q. Why should I book my Leavers Week with Leavers.com.au?

Leavers.com.au is the only instant, online Leavers accommodation booking agent in Australia. We are specialists in creating amazing experiences for school leavers from all over the country. We have the experience and know what is important when it comes to booking leavers' holidays! We make sure there is security, that you have a photo ID and that you only have to party with other Leavers! (We know you don’t want to party with people who weren’t invited!).


Q. How do I book Leavers Accommodation?

Booking your dream leavers trip starts at www.leavers.com.au it's your one stop shop for everything that you need for the week.

  1. Pick a destination.
  2. Find accommodation that fits your style, group, size and budget.
  3. Book, pay and manage your booking online!

It's that easy! However, if you would like to talk to our lovely people contact us here at Leavers HQ.


Q. When is Leavers?

Leavers takes place after graduation in November. For 2023 dates, click here


Q. Do you have to pay upfront?

You need to pay a deposit when you go through the booking process on leavers.com.au. You can use Visa, Mastercard or pay via Bpay. If you don’t have your own and have to get one of your parents to pay make sure you get permission! Did you know you can lock in a room with just one deposit? Then the rest of your group have 5 days to log in and pay theirs.

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