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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is Leavers?

Imagine thousands of year 12 school leavers descending on different locations all across the country to party, celebrate their freedom and have fun. Leavers.com.au ensures that you have everything you need to have a kick-ass time with your friends. We will hook you up with the best Leavers accommodation all over the country and overseas so you can celebrate your newfound freedom with flair.


Q. Where do the Leavers events take place?

Leavers takes place in the Dunsborough region & Bali and many other East Coast Locations. There are locations to suit all styles. Leavers.com.au can hook you up wherever you want to celebrate!


Q. Why should I book my Leavers Week with Leavers.com.au?

Leavers.com.au is the only instant, online Leavers accommodation booking agent in Australia. We are specialists in creating amazing experiences for school leavers from all over the country. We have the experience and know what is important when it comes to booking leavers holidays! We make sure there is security, that you have photo ID and that you only have to party with other Leavers! (We know you don’t want to party with people who weren’t invited!)


Q. What are the dates for Leavers 2024?

Provisional Dates for Leavers Week for 2024 are as follows:

  • 2024 Sunday 17th November to Saturday 23rd November 2024
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    Q. How do I get a Wristband and Photo ID?

    All leavers.com.au guests will receive their official leavers.com.au photo ID when they check in! Information about wristbands and entertainment will be provided closer to the event! (Watch the Facebook page!) Wristbands are required for access to entertainment in Dunsborough and are available for purchase when you arrive.

    New Booking


    Q. How do I book Leavers Accommodation?

    Booking your dream leavers trip starts at www.leavers.com.au it's your one stop shop for everything that you need for the week.

    1. Pick a destination.
    2. Find accommodation that fits your style, group, size and budget.
    3. Book, pay and manage your booking online!
    It's that easy! However, if you would like to talk to our lovely people contact us here at Leavers HQ.


    Q. How do I pay the deposit?

    You need to pay a deposit when you go through the booking process on leavers.com.au. You can use Visa, Mastercard or pay via Bpay. If you don’t have your own and have to get one of your parents to pay make sure you get permission! Did you know you can lock in a room with just one deposit? Then the rest of your group have 5 days to log in and pay theirs!


    Q. How do I know it's safe to use my Credit Card on your website?

    Leavers.com.au uses SSL for all credit card transactions. SSL is a secure method of transmitting information over the internet. Leavers.com.au does not store any credit card information. We have been certified as PCI Compliant by SecurityMetrics.

    Existing Booking General


    Q. How do I make further payments?

    Using your booking number and password that is sent in the confirmation email you get when you first booked, all roommates can login to leavers.com.au and make their individual payments, using either BPay, Visa or Mastercard. When you pick the organiser of your group, we suggest that it's someone who will follow up with their friends and can easily communicate information to the group about their booking. It will be the organisers' responsibility to ensure that all their friends payments are received and paid by the final payment due date.


    Q. What is the deadline for final payment?

    Put this in your calendar your final payment is due 21 days after booking. You can make payments whenever you like in the time prior! To help with budgeting and payment we encourage you to do so! If you are jet setting overseas, final payment is due 120 days before travel!


    Q. What happens if I do not pay by the due date?

    You're booking will run the risk of being cancelled. Avoid this at all costs, as we don't want to dash your dreams of having the best week of your life.


    Q. What are house rules?

    Each building will set house rules; by confirming your booking you have agreed to the house rules. These will be the rules that you will live by for the week of fun that is leavers. Remember, these rules exist to protect you and not to step on your fun.


    Q. What are my responsibilities as group organiser?

    As the group organiser, you are team captain. Your task is to make sure that everyone knows what's going on with payment, people and deadlines. You will also get the privilege of receiving all information regarding your booking first!


    Q. Do I need to take out Travel Insurance?

    Whether you're travelling domestically or internationally, travel insurance is highly recommended. This should also cover you if anything happens during the week, or on your travels to and from the destination, as well as any unforeseen events that would lead you to cancel your booking.


    Q. When will I receive my travel documents?

    You will receive all of your documents 3 weeks before you check in. Just enough time to get pumped about what should be one of the best holidays you have ever had – and maybe ever have.


    Q. How do I claim my Bond back?

    To claim your bond, please log into your booking 10 days after departure and select the Bond Refund button and follow the prompts. Please note Bond Refunds WILL NOT be processed by telephone.

    Existing Booking Changes


    Q. How can I view my booking?

    Just head to “my booking” on the leavers.com.au website! You’ll need your booking number and password from your booking confirmation!


    Q. Can I make changes to my booking after it has been made?

    Firstly, you will have to login to leavers.com.au to view your booking. There you will be able to change the following parts of your booking:

    • Change the name of a group member
    • Change the email address or contact details of group members
    • Cancel a group member
    • Cancel rooms


    Q. What happens if I want to cancel my Leavers booking?

    Cancel before final payment and all you will lose is your deposit. Cancel after final payment which is due 21 days after booking no amount will be refunded.


    Q. What happens if one of my roommates wants to cancel their place in the booking?

    Members of your group can cancel themselves by logging into their leavers.com.au booking. If you have someone drop out of your room, it will mean those who remain will have to pay more per person for the week. However, if you find a replacement for the person who dropped out of your group, all you need to do is change the name on the booking (the group organiser can do this). If you do a replacement, the deposits and all money paid towards the booking will be transferred to the new person. If someone drops out and you drop below the minimum number required for you room you may be required to move to a smaller room.


    Q. Can I change a name on my booking?

    Yes you can, just log into Leavers.com.au using your booking number and password and edit your details.


    Q. What happens if I cancel or a roommate wants to cancel after full payment has been taken?

    This means that full payment and deposit will not be refunded. However, they can try and find someone to replace them in the booking. If they do, then they will just need to exchange funds between themselves and the person will need to email info@leavers.com.au with all the details of the new person taking over their booking.


    Q. Can I move my booking to a different date?

    If there is still accommodation available, you are able to move your booking to a different date. However, this will mean a $60 admin charge per person.


    Q. Can I move my booking to a different building?

    If there is still availability, you are able to change your booking to a different building. However, this will mean a $60 administration charge per person.