Leavers Parent Information

Leavers Parent Information

At Leavers.com.au we endeavour to foster a fun and safe environment for school leavers on their leavers holiday. Leavers is all about celebrating their incredible accomplishments by creating memories and building friendships that will be cherished forever. Leavers.com.au is committed to providing a Leavers environment that ensures the end of year celebrations are remembered for all the right reasons.

Who Is Leavers.com.au?

Leavers.com.au (part of the Schoolies.com group) has been the central booking site for Schoolies and Leavers trips for over 30 years and arranges Leavers and Schoolies holidays for over 30,000 high school graduates each year. We are the exclusive booking agent for 100+ Schoolies and Leavers accommodations in destinations throughout Australia and overseas. We strive to deliver experiences that provide both a fun and safe opportunity for students to celebrate their graduation.

What Is Leavers?

So you’ve heard of leavers, but what is it all about? Leavers is a chance for your school leaver to celebrate their independence, academic achievements and ultimately have a great time with their closest friends who may be going their separate ways now that school is over. Each year thousands of year 12 students descend on leavers destinations to celebrate the end of their school years and enjoy what is also the ultimate summer holiday. Students make the journey from around Australia and to the vast majority is considered a rite of passage.

Safety at Leavers

Leavers.com.au bookings offer the following initiatives to support the safety of school leavers during their leavers holiday:

  • Official Leavers.com.au Photo ID
  • Additional security in main Leavers accommodation*
  • 24-hour hotline for both parents and graduates
  • Detailed info on leavers-exclusive events*
  • Red Frogs at all destinations*

* Please note these initiatives are subject to leavers locations and dates. For further information please contact the Leavers.com.au team.

A Message From Our Director

What an exciting time it is, to see your son or daughter finishing their schooling and looking towards their future. It’s a huge milestone, and to end their school years by taking a trip and celebrating with their closest friends is both a fitting and memorable choice. It can be daunting, the prospect of booking and sending your son or daughter on their leavers trip, perhaps for the first time taking a trip on their own.

I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some reassurance and introduce Leavers.com.au. Established in 1989, Leavers.com.au is part of the Schoolies.com group and has been the central booking site for graduate trips for over 30 years. We arrange leavers holidays for over 30,000 school leavers annually. We are the exclusive booking agent for the onsite managers of 100+ accommodation properties in destinations throughout Australia and overseas. Our expert team of leavers consultants focus on leavers 365 days and are here to ensure that every one of the school leavers who travel with us has an exceptional experience.

Our experience through our longevity, and our high standard of care and consideration in our planning and execution, has made us the leading provider of leavers trips. It is with the knowledge we have gained over our 30 years you can rest assured that the safety and security of our leavers is at the forefront of our minds in both the planning and execution of our trips. We are proud to have engineered our leavers trip so that they have the right balance of safety and fun, resulting in an experience that our travellers talk about for years to come. If you have any further queries or concerns about our leavers trips, I invite you to get in touch with our team, who are keen to help. We look forward to hosting your son or daughter for their leavers trip.

Red Frogs

The Red Frogs have been operating at Schoolies / Leavers for over 14 years. Armed with their ice-breaking Allen’s Red Frogs, 1200 volunteers patrol the streets supporting young people, and providing a positive presence in most Leavers / Leavers destinations.

Red Frogs volunteers act as the eyes and ears in accommodation venues and out on the streets, providing a positive peer presence to school leavers.

Red Frogs specialise in walk homes, pancakes in apartments, room check-ins and even are known to assist in room cleaning!

For more on Red Frogs, visit Redfrogs.com.au

Red Frogs Hotline    1300 557 123


Don’t just take our word for it, every year we get hundreds of reviews from graduates that have travelled with Leavers.com.au.

Here is just some of the genuine feedback we have got from leavers, on how they felt about safety on their leavers trip.

Hayley, stayed at Busselton Ithaca Motel:

"I felt very safe as I was given lots of advice on what to do if something went wrong by the motel owners."

Chelsea, stayed at Busselton Ithaca Motel:

"Very good. I felt safe the entire time and well looked after thanks to the police and volunteers."

Emma, stayed at Busselton Holiday Village:

"Staff were helpful. was a large number of security. buses took everyone as close to their accommodation as possible."

Hamish, stayed at Busselton Holiday Village:

"Red frogs and the high number of police officers made me feel very safe."

Claire, stayed at Busselton Holiday Village:

"Was heaps of cops and security everywhere, couldn’t have been more safe and controlled."

Paige, stayed at Busselton Holiday Village:

"There is not one moment where I didn’t feel safe at the leavers week. This is because of the amazing staff and volunteers (police, first aid, red frogs and more) that were at the zones and in town or at some accommodations."

Michael, stayed at Southern Stars Holiday Park:

"Very safe. Mum also felt comfortable knowing we were in a monitored supportive environment."

ATAS Accredited

Leavers.com.au is proud to be accredited by the AFTA Travel Agent Scheme (ATAS). To be accredited means that Leavers.com.au executes the highest calibre of professionalism, credibility, and reliability.

Only the industries best can achieve this level of accreditation through the continued execution of professional conduct with a foundation of strong business ethics.