Leavers Photo Id - Upload Your Photo | Leavers.com.au

What Is The Leavers.com.au Photo ID?

All customers that book through Leavers.com.au will receive a FREE Leavers.com.au Photo ID. This pass contains your name, your photo and other details about your booking. You will need a Leavers.com.au Photo ID to access your accommodation.

How Do I Apply?

The Photo ID will be part of your Leavers.com.au booking. You will receive your Photo ID when you arrive at your accommodation on day 1 of your leavers trip!

Uploading your Photo

2023 Leavers will be able to upload their photos soon. 

When uploading your photo, there are some key things to consider.

  • Your photo is used by security at your accommodation to identify you – so don’t upload anything silly! If your photo looks vastly different to your physical appearance, you won’t be allowed in your leavers accommodation.
  • All Leavers Photo ID’s need to be uploaded 60 days prior to your travel date or a late fee of $60 will apply.
  • Your Leavers Photo ID will be available at your accommodation when you check-in.

Please note: The Leavers Photo ID is not a proof of age card and is only available to Leavers who book through Leavers.com.au. Some buildings may be exempt from requiring a Leavers Photo ID.