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Spotlight on Leavers in Dunsborough. Where to Stay, Play and Party! 21 Aug 2018 by Grace J

A two-hour drive South of Perth the town of Dunsborough brings thousands of graduates each year to celebrate the end of school! This dreamy little town turns into a Leavers playground, with nightly parties at The Zone to hit up at night, and plenty to white sandy beaches for chillin’ with the peeps during the day. Read on for some insight on what it's like when you head for Dunsborough to celebrate and make memories with you school mates.

Where to Stay is your one stop shop, to find Leavers accommodation to suit all budgets and tastes. There is a range of accommodation from caravans, chalet’s, dorms and 1 bedrooms apartments.

A popular choice, worth a look, is the Busselton Ithaca Motel, it has plenty of rooms that can fit 2 to 10 people! It’s only 5 minutes to the beach for day time hangs, and when it is time to head to The Zone, it is only 5 minutes to get the bus there. On top of that, there is free wifi, what more could you want!

If you are a Leaver on a budget, then the Busselton Holiday Village is worth checking out. Situated in the heart of Busselton, it offers chalets and caravan style accommodation, with a cool summer-holiday vibe throughout the village. The chalets provide comfortable spaces and their caravans are set up with everything you need such as a fridge, hot water, microwave and a hot plate. The perfect launch pad for your Leavers!

There are a few more options for Dunsborough leavers accommodation, being so popular for leavers, it does sell out quick, so if you’re keen get on it! The best thing about booking with is that booking online is instant. Get out what else is available here.
Dunsborough Leavers at Meelup Beach

Where to Play

Busselton & Dunsborough are the main areas where most school leavers will stay with their friends, the whole town is taken over by leavers during the celebration and the vibe is amazing. The Busselton Jetty is a popular hang out for the leavers with beautiful white sandy Meelup beaches is where you’ll be wanting to spend your days in the sun. The main street has a great selection of cafes, bars and kiosks. The town steps it up during leavers, you will find heaps of businesses put on specials for leavers to make the most of.

Where to Party

Dunsborough is home to Western Australia’s largest Leavers party location known as ‘The Entertainment Zone.’ You will need to collect your Leavers wristband which is your ticket to the event. Using your year 12 school ID you can go and collect one from any of the distribution spots which will be confirmed closer to the date. You will need to purchase one of these in order to gain entry to the Zone and all the planned events, including rides, Meelup Beach Party, the bus service for transport to these events and 4 massive nights of DJ’s. A 24 hour support service is also included. The wristband prices will be determined closer to the event and will cost approximately $120 for the week of activities. More information about the wristbands will be released closer to the date, and is included with your info when you book.

So that’s it, now you know what to expect for leavers in Dunsborough, it’s time to get booking! Remember, it’s super easy to book with online. Get on it here.

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