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4 Easy Steps To Booking Your Leavers 2021 01 Jul 2020 by Caitlin M

Still haven't locked in your Leavers 2021 trip? It's so easy! Here are your steps to locking in your Leavers 2021 accommodation: 

1. Gather your Leavers squad
The first step to booking your Leavers trip is gathering your squad! The easiest way to do this is to get a Leavers group chat happening with your crew, that way you guys can share all your leavers accommodation options and get hyped for your leavers 2021 holiday! 

2. Pick your location
You no doubt have probably heard of Leavers Dunsborough, with thousands of school leavers heading to the sandy beaches of western shores to celebrate their new-found freedom every year. What you may not know is we also book Leavers holidays in Bali and across a range of other popular destinations throughout Australia and abroad! Don't want to stick to the traditional Dunsborough Leavers vibe? No problem! Why not check out one of our other school leaver 2021 locations? Contact us to enquire about all your school leaver destination options. 

3. Pick your accommodation
Now that you've decided where you want to go, it's time to pick your accommodation. Leavers.com.au have a range of leavers accommodation options to suit any leavers week budget! 
4. It's time to book! 
Now that you've made all the big decisions, it's time to lock in your leavers 2021 holiday! The best part is it only takes one deposit of $150 to lock in your leavers accommodation. leavers 2021 has already started booking out, so make sure you follow these easy steps and lock in your spot ASAP! 

Ready to book Leavers? Awesome! Book here.

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