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10 Reasons Leavers in Bali with Leavers.com.au is Awesome 13 Mar 2019 by Claire T

Love Bali? Then why not make it your leavers destination. Leavers.com.au has the best packages for leavers in Bali, read on to find out why!

1.) Stay Where the Leavers Stay

There are endless options for accommodation in Bali: hundreds of hotels, villas, and resorts to choose from. So how do you know where to stay? All Leavers.com.au resorts and hotels are leavers-specialty properties, meaning by staying there you are going to be staying with other school leavers who are also in Bali to celebrate graduation and have a good time. The last thing you want is to end up in a hotel that has no other leavers to meet and party with. Our hotels and resorts also have staff who LOVE hosting leavers so you know you are going to be looked after well. Lots of our hotels put on special dinners and events for their leavers, and they are also in the best locations to be close to the nightclubs where all the hottest leavers parties happen. For a memorable leavers experience, book Bali with Leavers.com.au.

2.) All Sorted in One Booking

No need to waste time booking flights, and then a hotel and then transfers and other extras. When you book with Leavers.com.au we sort all that for you in one easy booking. Just select your hotel, and the airport you want to fly from, and we sort the rest. You can also then add party passes and any other extras from the very same booking. Everything is centralised in one place, stress-free leavers planning for the win.

3.) FREE Daily Breakfast Buffet (YUM!)

Absolutely worth its own mention, is the fact that all our Bali packages come with a free daily breakfast, delish.

4.) Be a VIP at the Nightclubs

Leavers.com.au has got you the hookups. When you book a Bali Package, you get a free VIP Pass to all the hottest clubs in Kuta that host the biggest and best leavers parties. These passes are exclusive to Leavers.com.au Bali customers and cannot be purchased before or during the event.

5.) Pool Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarty

Bali is all about fun in the sun, there is a pretty sweet line up of pool parties during leavers that are hosted at two Leavers.com.au hotels, the Bounty Hotel and The One Legian, booking with Leavers.com.au secures your invite to these super fun events.

6.) All the Leavers.com.au Get-Up is Included

Just because you’re not going to the Gold Coast, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the traditional schoolies get-up. All out customers get their Official Leavers.com.au Photo ID Lanyard, a free Leavers.com.au leavers singlet to rep while you're in Bali and to get to keep as a souvenir of your leavers.

7.) Leavers.com.au Rep in Bali

Every year we send over Schoolies.com reps to Bali, to act as your go-to for anything you need. After you book you will be invited to join a Schoolies.com private Facebook Group, where all the schoolies going over, as well as the reps can chat about what’s happening each day, what activities are on offer for cheap and where the parties are at that day. They are also there if you need a hand with anything, or if any problems arise.

8.) Treat Yo’ Parents

It’s always good to have your rent’s onside. Every package booked with Leavers.com.au, get’s a FREE $150 travel voucher that you can give to your parents for a future holiday. You’re Welcome.

9.) Discount on Your Parents Trip

Speaking of parents, if yours want to come to Bali at the same time as you during leavers, they can book at the same time as you with Leavers.com.au, and we will slip them a cheeky little discount on their booking.

10.) Allllllll the free stuff.

Booking Bali leavers with Leavers.com.au comes with over $300 in free stuff. Here is a full list of all the awesome extras you get with your booking.

  • Exclusive Leavers Wristbands
  • Access to Leavers.com.au Pool Parties
  • Discounted Travel Insurance
  • Free Luggage (20kgs)
  • $150pp Travel Voucher for your parents.
  • Free late Checkout
  • Exclusive Party Pass to Leavers.com.au partner clubs
  • Free official Leavers.com.au singlet
  • Discounts on excursions
  • Free airport transfers
  • 24-hour emergency hotline for parents
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Official Leavers.com.au Photo ID Lanyard
  • Exclusive discounts at eateries, bars, and retailers
  • Free daily breakfast

Keen? Head to our Bali Leavers Package page to book your trip.

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